The Bedlington Terrier Association
Championship Show - Judge Jacqui Hurley
held at Middleton Cheney Village Hall
on 14th October 2017
Special Thanks to Mike Chudleigh
for taking the Photos

Class 1 - Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st McManus's Travellerway's Rory

Class 2 - Puppy Dog (3)
1st Baldwin's Woolytop Golden Wonder
2nd Baldwin's Woolytop Golden Surprise
3rd McManus's Travellerway's Rory

Class 3 - Junior Dog (7/1)
1st Offer's Woolytop the Wherryman
2nd Kinns' KinnuvaDark Sleekster
3rd Neville's Honeymist Posh Peanuts at Chancete
Res McCourt's Bisbee Super Trouper
VHC McManus's Travellerway's Rory

Class 4 - Yearling Dog (3/2)
1st McCourt's Bisbee Super Trouper

Class 5 - Post Graduate Dog (2/1)
1st Button's Jetsway Sole Star

Class 6 - Limit Dog (2)
1st Murby & Heraty's Tasseltabs Timber ShCM
2nd Offer's Woolytop Theodore

Class 7 - Open Dog (6/1)
1st Davies' Ch Honeymist Blue Bols
2nd Pedersen's Sharnor High Intensity
3rd Walters & Mitchell's Tunman Ta Da
Res Fletcher's Maevani One and Only ShCM
VHC Baldwin's Woolytop the One and Only JW Sh CM

Class 8 Veteran Dog (1/1)

Ch Honeymist Blue Bols

Reserve  Dog CC
Woolytop the Wherryman

Best Puppy Dog
Woolytop Golden Wonder

Class 9 Minor Puppy Bitch (4/0)
1st Cumming's Rocobec Gossip Girl
2nd Fletcher's Janmark Justfor'J for Maevani
3rd Cleaver's Jobanker Virtuous Veronica
Res Walters & Mitchell's Aireview Limelight of Tunman

Class 10 Puppy Bitch (1/0)
1st Bambridge's Woolytop Bluebell Girl at Beckstone

Class 11 Junior Bitch (5/0)
1st Pocklington's Timberose Rhapysody in Blue
2nd Bishop's Plumeria's Sea Breeze
3rd Bambridge's Woolytop Bluebell Girl at Beckstone
Res Pedersen's Janmark Jingle Jangle
VHC Baldwin's Woolytop Lavender Girl

Class 12 Yearling Bitch (0)

Class 13 Post Graduate Bitch (4/1)
1st Kinn's Kinnuva Siam Jewel
2nd McManus' Kenquartz Teal Tweed
3rd Buttons's Jetsway Chardonnay

Class 14 Limit Bitch (7/1)
1st Baldwin's Honeymist Take the Lead at Woolytop JW
2nd Davies' Honeymist Posh Sugar
3rd McManus' Kenquartz Teal Tweed
Res Kinn's Burmington Reet Petite
VHC Mitchell's Miteymidgets Say Mama

Class 15 Open Bitch (6/1)
1st Davies' Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz
2nd Cumming's Honeymist Hot Spice at Rocobec
3rd Graham's Ruffsfurze Zemzem
Res McNally's Ch Conekesheved Kaldo Girl JW ShCM
VHC Graham's Ruffsfurze Beren

Class 16 Veteran Bitch (2/1)
1st Kinn's Burmington Truly Blue

Bitch CC
Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz

Reserve Bitch CC
Rocobec Gossip Girl

Best Puppy Bitch
Rocobec Gossip Girl

Best Veteran Bitch
Burmington Truly Blue

Best in Show
Ch Honeymist Blue Bols

Reserve Best in Show
Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz

Best Opposite Sex
Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz

Best Puppy in Show
Rocobec Gossip Girl

Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Woolytop Golden Wonder

Best Veteran in Show
Burmington Truly Blue

Best Veteran Bitch
Burmington Truly Blue

Class 17 Breeders Dog or Bitch (7/5)
1st Timberose Rhapysody in Blue
2nd Kinnuva Siam Jewel
3rd Ruffsfurze Zemzem
Res Kinnuva Dark Sleekstar
VHC Ruffsfurze Beren

Class 18 Non-Breeders Dog or Bitch (8/6)
1st Woolytop Theodore
2nd Nebercrackers Rosie Blue at Timberose

Class 19 Working Dog or Bitch (2/0)
1st Burmington Truly Blue
2nd Burmington Reet Petite

Class 20 Brace (3/0)
1st Mrs A Offer
2nd Mrs N Kinns
3rd Mrs N Kinns

Class 21 Special Health Group Stakes
Dog or Bitch (5/3)
1st Timberose Rhapysody in Blue
2nd Woolytop the Wherryman

Judge - Julie Cumming

Class 22 Junior Handling (6 - 16 Years) (3/3)

Class 23 Adult Handling (17+ Years) (0/0)
          Best in Show                Reserve Best in Show
Ch Honeymist Blue Bols    Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz
Best Puppy in Show
Rocobec Gossip Girl
Best Veteran in Show
Burmington Truly Blue
Yearling Dog
Bisbee Super Trouper
Post Graduate Dog
Jetsway Sole Star
Judges Critique
I would like to thank the Association for my invitation to Judge Bedlingtons at their Championship Show 2017 and I enjoyed my day
in the very friendly atmosphere of pleasant competitiveness. I hope you all enjoyed the prizes distributed throughout the day.
Rather than single out any individual dog’s faults I will say a little of my findings to help everyone when they are assessing their own
stock. My main winners were of a very high standard and true to the Bedlington Breed Standard in their proportions, coat quality and
colour. Their movement was sound with the correct head and tail carriage. They showed the true sparkle and light step expected for
the breed.
Some things I found to look out for when breeding the next generation are:
Rear action - the rear legs should be parallel when viewed from the back and not too close. Some were so close that they
rubbed together on passing.
Front action - there should be enough drive from the rear to make the dog reach forward from well laid back shoulders without
plaiting or high stepping like a trotting horse.
Tails should not be carried straight out from the rear and high like a poker but should follow and extend the soft curve of the
spinal column thus confirming the correct state of the rear coupling rather than being ‘bum high,’ as it is often referred to, with the
straight, high tail carriage. Puppies can be forgiven for showing puppy exuberance through their tails.
Coat colours are clearly stated in the breed standard but the fashion for black has crept in producing an incorrect quality and
texture of coat made up mainly of guard hairs and hence accompanied by non or very poor furnishings.
Check the teeth numbers especially the pre-molars and cleanliness is essential for a healthy animal!
In all the years of Judging I have never come across any cracked pads. However, breeders should always check for this
condition in their stock.
Eyes should be checked for the correct shape. Trimming a triangle around an incorrect shaped eye is only fooling oneself.
There were a few today with ears that were a little too small and thick rather than being slightly transparent in the light.
All the above were examples found today which I hope will be helpful to those responsible breeders present.

Minor Puppy:                          1st ~ Mc Manus’ Travellerway’s Rory
Puppy:                                     1st ~ Baldwin’s Woolytop Golden Wonder
                                                2nd ~ Baldwin’s Woolytop Golden Surprise
Junior/ Res. CC:                     1st ~  Offer’s Woolytop The Wherryman
                                                2nd ~ Kinns’ Kinnuva Dark Sleekster
Yearling:                                 1st ~ Mc Court’s Bisbee Super Trooper
Post Graduate:                       1st ~ Button’s Jetsway Sole Star
Limit:                                      1st ~ Murby & Heraty’s Tasseltabs Timber Sh. Ch.
                                    2nd ~ Offer’s Woolytop Theodore
Open/CC/BIS:                        1st ~ Davies’ Ch. Honeymist Blue Bols
                                               2nd ~ Pederson’s Sharnor High Intensity

Minor Puppy/BP/Res. CC: 1st ~ Cumming’s Rocabec Gossip Girl
2nd ~ Fletcher’s Janmark Justfor’j for Maevani
Puppy:             1st ~ Bambridge’s Woolytop Bluebell Girl at Beckstone
Junior:             1st ~ Pocklington’s Timberose Rhapysody in Blue
2nd ~ Bishop’s Plumeria’s Sea Breeze
Post Graduate: 1st ~ Kinn’s Kinnuva Siam Jewel
2nd ~ Mc Manus’ Kenquartz Teal Tweed
Limit: 1st ~ Honeymist Take the Lead at Woolytop JW ShCM
2nd ~ Davies’ Honeymist Posh Sugar
Open/CC/Res.BIS: 1st ~ Davies’ Ch. Honeymist Posh Dreamz
2nd ~ Cumming’s Honeymist Posh Spice at Rocabec

Best Veteran:                         Kinn’s Burmington’s Truly Blue

Breeders:                               1 st ~ Pocklington’s Rhapysody in Blue
                                                2nd ~ Kinn’s Kinnuva Siam Jewel
Non Breeders:                       1st ~ Offer’s Woolytop Theodore
                                                2nd ~ Pocklington’s Nebercrackers Rosie Blue at Timberose Sh Ch
Working:                                1st ~ Kinn’s Burmington Truly Blue
                                                                        2nd ~ Kinn’s Burmington Reet Petite
Brace:                                     1st ~ Offer’s Woolytop Brace
                                                2nd ~ Kinns Brace

            Mrs J. Hurley B.Phil. M.A.
Limit Dog  1st Tasseltabs Timber ShCM
2nd Woolytop Theodore
Open Dog 1st Davies' Ch Honeymist Blue Bols
2nd Pedersen's Sharnor High Intensity
DOG CC  Ch Honeymist Blue Bols    Reserve DOG CC  Woolytop the Wherryman
Minor Puppy Bitch 1st  Rocobec Gossip Girl,  2nd Janmark Justfor'J for Maevani,  3rd  Jobanker Virtuous Veronica,
Res  Aireview Limelight of Tunman
Puppy Bitch  Woolytop Bluebell Girl at Beckstone
Minor Puppy Dog Travellerway's Rory
Best Puppy Dog
Woolytop Golden Wonder
Junior Bitch  1st Timberose Rhapysody in Blue,  2nd Plumeria's Sea Breeze,  3rd Woolytop Bluebell Girl at Beckstone,  Res Janmark Jingle Jangle,  VHC Woolytop Lavender Girl
Post Graduate Bitch  1st Kinnuva Siam Jewel,  2nd Kenquartz Teal Tweed, 
3rd Jetsway Chardonnay
Limit Bitch 1st Honeymist Take the Lead at Woolytop JW,  2nd Honeymist Posh Sugar,  3rd Kenquartz Teal Tweed,  Res Burmington Reet Petite,  VHC Miteymidgets Say Mama
Open Bitch 1st Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz,  2nd Honeymist Hot Spice at Rocobec,  3rd Ruffsfurze Zemzem
                Bitch CC                     Reserve Bitch CC
Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz     Rocobec Gossip Girl
Junior Dog  1st Woolytop the Wherryman RDCC,  2nd Kinnuva Dark Sleekster, 
3rd Honeymist Posh Peanuts at Chancete,  Res Bisbee Super Trouper,  VHC Travellerway's Rory