The Bedlington Terrier Association
Our merchandise is available from our stall at Crufts,
and our Open and Championship Shows
We have two new ranges which we will have at our Championship Show on October 14th

Mirror Selection
Hanging Bedlington Mirror Silver and Gold
Key Rings Black & White, Sparkling colours
Fridge Magnets Black & White, Sparkling colours
Ring Clips Black/Sparkling colours
Clocks Black & White, Black & Gold/Silver Sparkling Dogs

Wooden cut out Bedlingtons
Hanging Bedlingtons, Blue and Liver
Key Racks Blue Bedlingtons
Key Rack Liver Bedlingtons
Key Rack Blue & Liver Bedlingtons
Lead Racks Blue Bedlingtons
Lead Rack Liver Bedlingtons
Lead Rack Blue & Liver Bedlingtons