Information from the Kennel Club regarding BVA testing duiring Lockdown

Dear Breed Health Co-ordinator,

Similar to my email earlier in the week please be aware of the attached statement that we will be issuing regarding guidance for Canine Health Schemes during lockdown. This also has an additional  note for owners, in that it is advised they request any submissions are made using the online service, as postal submissions cannot be scored during lockdown and may take some time to be assessed given the current backlog. 

The KC COVID19 FAQs hub on the website are also to be updated in line with this guidance over the weekend: 

Any queries please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards


Hannah James, Health Research Manager, The Kennel Club, Breed Health Co-ordinator,

Please see below a statement we have received this afternoon from the BVA regarding how Canine Health Schemes will be affected in light of the new COVID19 restrictions. Information specific to the KC and COVID19 will be released shortly.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us, or the CHS team at the BVA:

On 31 October the Prime Minister announced that England would enter a national lockdown from Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December. In light of this the Canine Health Schemes (CHS) team are adapting the way we work in order to follow these guidelines and also continue to process submissions. As of Thursday 5 November the CHS office will be closed and our team will be working remotely.

Impact on veterinary practices
England: As part of BVA’s guidance to veterinary practices during the 2nd national lockdown in England we are asking veterinary professionals to exercise clinical judgement when assessing and triaging animal health and welfare needs in the context of the lockdown.
What practices will be able to offer in terms of health testing will be dependent on individual practice factors such as staffing levels, building layout, as well as the vets’ professional and clinical judgement, and we would urge all owners to respect their vet’s decision.

Wales: During the firebreak lockdown (23 October to 8 November) veterinary practices must only undertake essential and urgent services and practices may need to delay x-rays and eye screenings. At the end of the firebreak lockdown, practices in Wales will be able to deliver veterinary services in line with Covid-safe requirements. However, during the England national lockdown CHS is only able to process online submissions to the Hip and Elbow Schemes (see below).

Scotland and NI: Veterinary practices are able to deliver veterinary services in line with Covid-safe requirements so x-rays and eye screening can go ahead. However, during the England national lockdown CHS is only able to process online submissions to the Hip and Elbow Schemes (see below).

Eye Scheme
In England, under the new guidance for the national lockdown group screening cannot take place. In Scotland, NI, and Wales (after the firebreak lockdown) group screenings can go ahead but Panellists must adhere to additional requirements to work in a Covid-safe manner.
Some CHS Eye Panellists may be able to offer eye screenings as long as government guidance on working safely, practice polices, and any local restrictions are adhered to.

We are asking all animal owners and breeders to respect their vets’ clinical and professional judgement and be patient during this time.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Schemes
Remote scoring of hip and elbow submissions
As our processing team is based in London, during the England national lockdown processing and scoring of hip and elbow submissions will be as follows:

Online submissions
Hip and elbow submissions can be made by a veterinary surgeon via our online portal
We can process and score online submissions, however, online scoring is slower than in-person scoring and this means we will have reduced capacity for scoring during the lockdown
Unfortunately, this will further impact our turnaround times and we ask for your patience
Postal submissions
We are not able to score postal submissions during the national lockdown in England
We are able to process postal submissions. They will be allocated to an in-person scoring session after the national lockdown. Unfortunately, this will impact our turnaround times. However, we are not able to estimate turnaround times until the office reopens
We are asking veterinary practices to assist us by not sending postal submissions to us during lockdown if at all possible, please hold on to the submissions until our office is able to reopen
Turnaround times
Due to the uncertainty caused by the national lockdown in England, we regret that we are not able to provide accurate turnaround times. The team is working hard to process and score submissions in order of date received. We regret that we're unable to fast-track any submissions.

We are asking all animal owners and breeders to respect our team and their vets’ clinical and professional judgement and to be patient during this time.

We are unable to take payment until we have received the submission, so please wait for at least two weeks before calling to make payment.

To make a payment by card for postal submissions, please call the office on 020 7908 6380 (please note that this line is for payments only).

When calling please provide us with the following information:

Date of radiography
Kennel Club/microchip number
name and address of the veterinary practice
Contacting us
For all non-payment related enquiries, please email and if possible include the dog’s Kennel Club or microchip number, date of radiography, and the name and address of your vet practice. The team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these exceptional circumstances.

Covid-19 guidance
For the latest guidance and advice on Covid-19, please visit the BVA Coronavirus information hub.

Kind regards


Hannah James

Health Research Manager

The Kennel Club